improv workshops


My foundation of improvisation is grounded in the teachings of Loose Moose Theatre and the philosophies of Keith Johnstone. My teaching as well as my knowledge has expanded to include the ideas of many other minds.

My goal is to inspire and challenge.

topics & Learning Objectives

Positivity  •   Embracing Failure  •   Listening

Confidence   •   Acceptance   •   Trust   •   Impulse   •   Risk   •   Play   •   Focus

Creativity   •   Awareness

Character Development   •   Narrative​ Structure

Physical Commitment   •   Emotional Commitment   •   Mental Commitment

Tilts   •   Environment   •   Status   •   Mime and Object Work   •   Being Obvious  

Improv for Actors   •   Get out of my Head   •   Monsters   •   Fairies   •   Silence   •   TensionSlow Motion Improvised Fighting

Wildness & Resistance

Improv for Schools - Grades 5 to 12: 

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