Workshop Descriptions

Talking like a Person to other Human Beings

  • This workshop is designed to refine your presentation skills with hands-on improvisation-based exercises aimed at improving self-confidence in group situations. The focuses include breath, body language, vocal delivery, and thinking on your feet. These everyday skills, or lack thereof, happen to contribute to the number one largest human fear: social anxiety. So, whether it be for pitching ideas to investors, communicating with employees, or approaching a potential client, the Public Speaking and Presentation workshop will lay the groundwork for better social understanding and communication.

Once Upon a Business

Story Telling has been a part of human interaction and communication since the dawn of time, and gives us the outlet to share thoughts and ideas in a tangible way. More or less a part two to Public Speaking and Presentation, the Story Telling workshop builds on those previous skills and delves deeper with the 3 E's of presentation: Engagement, Efficiency, and Effectiveness. Whether for a pitch, a new product, or instigating organizational change, this workshop aims to better prepare you and your business to tell YOUR story. Just like an idea, even the best story means nothing if it is never shared.       

Think Fast

Fail fast, fail forward. Improvisation teaches us to embrace failure as a gift, and not a curse, as we learn much more from our failures than from our successes. Once we accept this gift, learning becomes fast, and life becomes fun. This workshop aims to challenge the way you think about failure, and give you skills to quickly recover from mistakes.  

Dream Team

To hell with trust falls and traditional team bonding. This Collaboration workshop is focused on creativity and cohesion. In its essence, it is about inspiring others and recognizing inspiration in ourselves. The more we fall into old habits, the more static and rigid our brains and behaviours become. This narrows our view of the world, and makes it difficult to see things from different perspectives. The goal of this workshop is to uncover and rediscover the creative mind in a collective atmosphere. It is about learning to know when to give up control and when to take it. It is about listening. It does not matter whether you are the CEO or a brand new hire, Collaboration happens at all levels and stages of business, and is an integral value of healthy, proactive, and inspiring practices. 

Playing with Status

Status is often over-simplified. Rich vs. Poor, Boss vs. Employee, or Parent vs. Child, and we may have preconceived ideas of who holds the power. Status, however, is not title alone - it is deeply rooted in body language, it is primal, and whether consciously or subconsciously, our brains pick out the smallest nuances in others and react accordingly. This workshop is designed to create an active awareness of these subtleties so that you can begin to consciously experience the game of status that surrounds you. This knowledge is incredibly valuable when it comes to maintaining business relationships, holding court in a meeting, or simply reading a room.